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Welcome to PROJECT BAD ASS. I called it #ProjectBadAss because, well… you’re here to work on creating a better version of yourself. So that better version of yourself is going to look BAD ASS on you. I’m certain you are already a hard working and dedicated human being, but perhaps you just need a little help from a friend (aka me). So if you’re here it’s because you’re interested to join my small yet fierce TRIBE. Let’s get down to what project bad ass is.

It’s pretty simple, it’s a 12 week online training programme that you’ll be able to do with me from your smart phone (easy right?). I find that in order to achieve greatness you have to start small and simple, so I’ll be designing these 12 weeks with beginners in mind. There will be an opportunity to progress, so don’t you worry. The workouts will be as hard or as easy as you choose them to be.

So who is this for? This programme is great for those wishing to kickstart their fitness, for those who wish to save time, for those who don’t go to a gym, for those who want to be a part of a small like minded community and for those wanting to be kept accountable (yep I’ll be watching you). So if this bit sounds interesting to you, read the section below to see what’s included in this training plan.

A little bit about me :) I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Black Belt Kickboxing Instructor and Yoga Teacher. I’ve trained mostly women because I was always able to relate to their stories and because I loved training them and helping them achieve their greatest potential. Quite a few years ago I also had to overcome a few challenges of my own - weight gain, bad relationships, bad mental state and bad food habits. I knew I had to start working internally first, so this is where all the hard work began and I started to transform my life for the best. It took me a very long time to get out of that negative space and to transform my whole life around.

Below is a photo of me from those days, I was smiling but deep down I was hurting and needed to change really badly. I’m incredibly grateful to have come this far… (WOW, I JUST DUG OUT THIS PHOTO, it’s been ages).

fitness retreats in kenya


You will have access to 12 weeks of online training. A brand new workout will be uploaded every single week so you’ll be able to dive in right away. You’ll be training along side me and we will be sweating it out together, so be assured, that every single workout is tested and done by me weekly.

What’s included;

  • New workout each week

  • Only 30 min long

  • Focus (HIIT/body weight)

  • 2 Bonus videos for off days (yoga & kickboxing)

  • Private goal setting with me before the challenge starts

  • Weekly check ins with the private group


I’ve decided to set up a private members group for a few reasons.

1 - We all achieve goals much better and faster when we are a part of a tribe.

2 - We can help motivate each other, bounce ideas around, send pics of your meals and even share how many times you trained each week.

3 - You will get to ask me questions 24/7


I’ve been saving healthy recipes on Pinterest for the last 2 years and will be sharing this with everyone, so you can start creating your own healthy and delicious meals.

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When I last trained my girl Chloe, I used to give her weekly challenges to achieve. Some of them would be to challenge her to do her longest run, or go for a really long walk… But one of these challenges was life changing. On one of those weeks I gave her the challenge to go to my old kickboxing club and do a kickboxing session. Chloe was absolutely terrified, but what followed transformed her life. She did it, she went there, she tried it and she loved it. Since that day, she has blossomed and transformed to new levels of BAD ASSERY. She has since gone and graded her first 2 belts in kickboxing and I’m sure that one day she will become a black belt too. Weekly challenges are set in place so that you can challenge yourself to new things, both mentally and physically. Great change and transformation comes from doing things you’ve never done before; things that challenge you and mould you into a better version of yourself.


I will be offering continuous support via Whats App until the 12 week training is complete. You will be able to ask questions direct inside the private group or you’ll be able to reach me privately.

help sheets

You’ll have a short list of things that will help you achieve your greatest potential throughout the 12 weeks.

extra info

Price - £40 for every 4 weeks. Total £120

Length - 12 weeks

If interested - drop me a DM or email me.

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