About Me

My name Ina, I’m a full time traveller, business owner of 2 amazing brands and mum to Malia. I love staying fit and strong, eating healthy and wholesome, exploring the world and talking about business. This platform was created so I can share my daily thoughts and everything I learn with you. Most of my Blogs talk about my experience in business, personal growth, healthy recipes, staying fit and healthy, how to’s etc. I hope you find something you can take away with you and apply to your own project :) You can find me on Instagram where I share my daily life 💜 @chasingfreedomdaily

What I Do

I’m a full time mama to @maliasadventures, founder of My Mantra Active and co founder of New Horizon Escapes. 10 months a year I usually spend travelling the world with New Horizon Escapes and the other 2 I spend in the UK grounding and spending time with my family. Hop on the adventure…