Instagram Review

Instagram Review

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Having run a few businesses myself, Instagram has become a huge part of my life. You can see more info on those accounts here @mymantraactive @newhorizonescapes @mymantra_summershop @mymantraactive_iran. This is not all of them - but are here to give you an idea of the work I've done.

With this package, I will be reviewing your Instagram account & writing a short report of issues & improvements to make visually, as well as advice on how to increase followers and achieve a desired goal. 

Whether you're a blogger who's simply sharing content, or a brand that is selling a product, I can help you. Once you purchase this package please allow 48 hrs for the report to come through to your email.

There are 2 options available:

Opt 1 - Instagram Review

Opt 2 - Instagram Review + A takeover for 1 week (1 post daily). So I will be posting on your account for 1 whole week to help you get started on the right path. You can either send me your existing content or I will use content from Pinterest.

Got a question? Feel free to email me - Ina

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