so how do i really travel so much & can afford to do so?

If you already know me personally or via my social media accounts you will probably already know that I travel quite a lot & you might even know how I make it happen. So this little section here is for those that have no clue as to what I do in order to maintain this kind of lifestyle.

I am the founder of 2 amazing brands, which I love & respect dearly. The reason I say RESPECT, is because without them, I wouldn't be living the dream life I currently do & so I am forever grateful to these 2 babies of mine for allowing me to live THE DREAM. 

The existence of this BLOG is to encourage you all to find your dream & passion and to pursue them. So as much as I can't really tell you how you can live the same way as me, I'd like to believe that through my BLOGS & PDFs I will be able to spread enough information for you get inspired & live your own dream. 

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