The 3 things I do when I wake up at 5 am

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You might’ve seen on my stories that I am a 5am fan and I love waking up nice and early to be productive and start my day right. So what do I do when I wake up this early? Do I work? Do I fall right back asleep while trying to sip on a cup of coffee? Nope. Here is what I do.

A few months ago I’ve read a book called the 5 am club so I decided to put some of the habits proposed in the book to test. I was really curious as to whether it will work for me or not. I was already waking up at 5 am, but my usual first thing to do would’ve been; make a coffee, struggle to stay awake for the following 20 min while I figure out what I want to achieve from my to do list.

So I use the first hour of my morning to work on my 20/20/20 power hour. This basically means splitting the hours of 5-6 am into 20 min slots and allocating them to 3 different things that will allow me to start my day on a high.

So here is a break down of what my 1st hour of the day looks like;

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4:50 am - Wake Up

I wake up just before 5 am to get ready for the first hour of the day. Will usually set my alarm for 4:50. I allow myself 10 minutes to brush my teeth, freshen up and put my workout clothes on.

5:00 am - 20 min of HIIT

At 5 am, I work out to a HIIT style session. It needs to be something energising and active that will leave me sweaty and definitely wake me up. By the end of the 20 minutes my body and mind are ready to rock & roll. So firing on all cylinders, I move into the next 20 minutes of my power hour.

5:20 am - Journalling, visualising, goal setting

At 5.20 and for the following 20 min I then move into a mix of journaling, goal setting, visualising and mindfulness. I tend to struggle to write in the book in the mornings but do my best, my brain tends to struggle to find things to journal. So I like to do it throughout the day more but what tends to happen is that I end up having a super hectic day and forget to journal. So I do my best to do that in the am and if I struggle to journal I will just sit and visualise a goal.

5:40 am - Learning something new

At 5:40 I then move into the last block of 20 minutes which is dedicated to learning. 20 minutes a day of learning for the next 10 years, imagine how much I would’ve learned in this period of time. So I use this time to educate myself on a subject of choice; it could be through a YouTube video, or a book, a blog etc. Anything that teaches you something new and gets your brain to get activated.

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So what’s the outcome?

By doing the 20/20/20 in the first hour of the day I tend to feel like I’ve achieved a lot by 7 am. This gives me a feeling of fulfilment and achievement. It makes me fell like my days are super long and full of amazing things. I’ve done this on and off for the last few months and I definitely see the benefits when I stick to the routine. It’s not always possible due to having to travel at odd times of the day or having to run 7 days long escapes without any time off, so things can get a little tricky. But as soon as I’m back on my little island and to my small apartment, I start picking it up all over again and it feels amazing.

I hope you found this blog useful and please feel free to comment with what your morning routine looks like for you and your productivity. Would love to learn from you.

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