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how to start a business
Everyone has to learn from someone

Every single person who’s into some sort of business, will be learning things from someone else who knows more about that particular business/subject. When I started My Mantra Active, that was the very beginning of my business journey. I really knew nothing and I had to work very hard on my personal growth to become a better and more knowledgable business person. So where did I learn about how to start a business, maintain a business, be productive, be innovative etc? Find out below.

Start with your relatives and friends

First of all, I would recommend stopping and taking a look around you and see if you have any family and friends that already own a business of their own. Ask them a ton of questions and see if you can find the answers you need from them. If not, remember this name I’m about to tell you because this will become your best friend forever - his name is Google. Google will have unlimited supplies of information under different topics, for the many years to come. Fire them away… That’s where I find all the information daily.

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Another great platform for learning things is YouTube. This is another really good and free platform to use to find any kind of information you need to know “where can i buy clothes for resale? What platform is best to use for retail? How do I run Facebook ads? How to grow my IG account Etc.

Follow people that inspire you on social media/blog/youtube.

Follow people in the field you respect and love consuming their content. The 2 main people I currently watch and listen to are Gary Vee and Jenna Kutcher. They are both relevant to the things I’m learning constantly for New Horizon Escapes. Even all the pros have to go and learn somewhere, so don’t have any shame in being an absolute beginner in this journey. It can be scary and intimidating but honestly, I love learning things so much that I will pretty much consume any type of content that resonates with my interests (blogs, podcasts, books, YouTube videos, webinars, events etc). I will be a student for the rest of my life and that really excites me. I promise I was never a nerd at school.

So, this is where I learned everything I needed to start and market my businesses. I have faith in you too, to be able to start any project that’s close to heart and to follow through with a lot of determination and passion :) You got this.

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