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Hey lovelies hope you're well today. So, finally my kickstarter collection try on video is here. The video editing programme was fighting me a little bit so it took me slightly longer to get it out there, but here it is. So some of you may know that I’ve recently released a huge summer collection for My Mantra Active on kickstarter. So, this is where people are usually giving me confused looks because they either don’t understand kickstarter or they don’t understand why I went on kickstarter and why can’t I just get on with my brand and do things without asking for funding… Well… Let me explain…

Here is my kickstarter link if you son’t wish to scroll any further, your support would mean the world to me 🙏🏽

A little bit about kickstarter

So first thing’s first. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that originally was started out by a bunch of hippies who wanted to support each other through funding their projects. A few years later and kickstarter is one of the biggest platforms out there that gives people like me the opportunity to get a product out there and get the funding they need in order to bring it to life. So now I’m going to explain what the real deal is with My Mantra Active. I’ll be super honest because I don’t like it when people are shady and hide the truth if they’re struggling so here we go.

The reason my brand is struggling

My Mantra Active is struggling, I’m sorry I don’t mean it to sound negative, but I did say I’ll be honest and tell the truth. My small brand is fully funded by me and me only to keep going. Currently I struggle to pay my monthly bank loan I took 2 years ago to launch my bikinis, I’m struggling to pay day to day bills and the most important of them all, I’m struggling to release new designs. I mean they’re all there, I’ve been working on a ton of new designs, ordered samples which by the way cost a lot of money ($40 per piece). My kickstarter collection cost me $1500 just for samples alone, so you get it.

A brand can’t continue to go forward when no new designs are released, it’s actually pretty simple. So while I was out there in the cold one day, going for a walk in the country side and trying to find the answers, someone slipped into my DMs and asked why am I not going on kickstarter? To start with, I said to her it was too much for me, it’s a lot of work and a lot of time which I currently do not have. But only a few hrs later, after pondering for a while on the idea I realised something. It’s a quote I use over and over again. If you want something to change, you need to change something. My brand was ready for a big shift and I needed to do something urgently.

The snake skin active wear set made from recycled plastic bottles

The snake skin active wear set made from recycled plastic bottles

One of the most popular prints from the collection

One of the most popular prints from the collection

I’m ready for kickstarter

So 1 day later and I told Adam “I think I’m ready to go on kickstarter”. It was an easy decision to make actually and I’m glad I found the courage to challenge myself and learn something new. 3 months later and I feel like I’ve released an entire new business/brand. I had to work on the designs, the kickstarter layout, graphic design work, the main kickstarter video, synchronising my website with kickstarter so people know those products exist. Man… I’ve grown so much in the last 3 months, I tell you haha…

We’re currently 29% funded and we have 23 days to go

So here we go, we are currently at 29% funding, £6566 of £22,000 and we have 23 days left to hit our target. If we don’t hit £22,000 unfortunately kickstarter will not be releasing any of that money to us. Kickstarter is an all or nothing funding platform and in order for us to release the entire collection we would need the full funding anyway. So, I’m calling out to all the dreamers, sunset chasers, skinny dippers, travellers, adventures, if you love eco friendly active wear and bikinis, and you wish to support a female entrepreneur like me, it would mean the absolute world to me if you could back my campaign so all of these beautiful designs can be released. Thank you for the love and positive vibes you’ve all sent my way for the past week or so. This awesome community of women is giving me so much hope. We are a TRIBE 🙏🏽 Enjoy the video today. P.S - I filmed it in a vlog format, so it’s more real and you guys can see the real deal… Not too polished or too perfect ;) Here is the link to kickstarter if you wish to support -

Watch the YouTube video below or if you don’t have time but still wish to watch me try on everything you can watch my recent Instagram stories in 2 minutes.

I’m a size UK 10/12 - wear M in most brands and wear mostly M in My Mantra Active.

Bra size 34E - I’m wearing mostly size L bikini bras and size M bottoms/leggings/tops.

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