My daily routine for wellbeing and productivity

how to stay healthy and productive

Heya loves, hope you're all having an awesome day today. I wanted to touch on a subject that I truly believe in. I believe that how you start you day will determine the kind of day you have for the rest of that day. A few days combined will determine how your week is going. A few weeks will determine how your month is going… Anyway, you get the point I’m trying to reach ;) I'm currently living 90% on the road travelling, so my routine sometimes can be all over the place, but I always prioritise having one and making sure there isn't much disruption to it. So here is a breakdown of my Mon-Fri days.

how to be productive daily

5 am start
I will usually wake up at 5 am so I can get 2 hours of uninterrupted work done. 5-7 are my quiet working hours. I'll normally stick to one subject and get that done for 2 hours. Trying to multi task is never a good idea, so sticking to 1 thing is always best. Right now, I'm working on my #kickstater campaign, so that's taken all of my time.

Hydrade before coffee
During these 2 hours I'll also have a large glass of water to make sure I hydrate after a long night of sleep. Once I've had my water, I'll then make myself a coffee and wait for the sun to rise while I work away.

7 am Workout 
Once I've done a couple of hours of work, it's time to go and workout. I find it that for me personally, working out first thing in the morning is better. I get to start the day right, it makes me feel energised and it means there's less chances of me getting lazy in the evenings and not working out. Evenings for me are family time at the beach and cooking together

8.30 am Healthy breakfast
Once I've trained, its time for a healthy breakfast. I usually spend half of my year at breakfast buffets around the world so I have to be very mindful what I eat and how much of it. I'll usually go for some eggs/fresh salads/veggies and fruit. From time to time I'll spoil myself with some pancakes/ waffles or croissants. If we rent an apartment, I'll usually make a smoothie bowl or porridge for me and Malia.

10 am Back to work
So I'm starting to work again by about 9.30 - 10 am. Now that we have a travelling nanny, she's looking after Malia from Mon-Fri (8-5), which means I can have full days of uninterrupted work. This is where all the magic happens. I usually work on both businesses during this time.

2pm Lunchtime 
At lunch time I would've had a balanced meal and continued to work. Currently I don't give myself a long lunch break just because I want to get on with my day and achieve as much as possible. Now I know that this doesn't help with productivity so I'm currently challenging myself to take a break in the sun and maybe just sunbathe during my lunch hour (awful I know).

5pm Work day ends
This is where I pack my stuff and go home to my baby girl. We spend 5 till bed time with her. Usually that will involve beach walks, playing, cooking and messing around.

8pm social media updates 
I'm currently working on scheduling social media so I don't have to post it in real time every single day. I currently manage 4 accounts (2 of which are mine and Malias) and 2 of which are business so they always take priority. The plan is to outsource one of the business accounts and to schedule the other one so that I can take my evenings off work.

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This is it for now. This is how I stay healthy and productive every single day. Now I’d be lying if I said every single day looks like this. We have to also take into consideration low days, tired days, period days, distraction days, baby days etc. Life is always going to be this way and as much as you’ll try to stick to a regime, it won’t always happen. My go to thing on a low day is the cinema + popcorn, a book and chill, a massage or a glass of wine and early night. Take a break when you feel like your day isn’t getting anywhere so you can feel fresh and ready to rock & roll the next day.

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