3 social media scheduling apps i use for my business

the best apps for social media scheduling
Life is too short to spend on real time posts

Let’s be hones life is too short, and social media can be a little daunting and just plain annoying. To some of you, the idea of posting daily gives you the sweats, and to others (like myself), having to sit there every single day to think of a caption to write, to find the right image and then eventually 30min later to post it - it’s waaaaay too long. When do we get to really live? So here are 3 apps I use to schedule all of my social media posts.

Here we go - it’s a pretty simple list but it’s something I try and use to schedule things for the business.


I use Planoly to schedule my IG posts - this app has a pretty grid you can preview everything on. It allows you to have hundreds of photos in a grid which you can shuffle around, schedule and post. I really like this app and use it both for personal and business account. It helps me create a flow and stick to a theme much easier.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

I use Buffer for these 3 platforms. So I will usually make sure I copy and paste the image + caption from Planoly (for IG) into Buffer and then schedule each channel individually. Of course each platform is a little different so you have to make sure you personalise the caption and hash tags (for Twitter only) accordingly.

Pinterest Only

I found out about Tailwind a couple of months ago from a friend who’s been using it for her jewellery business. So I decided to give it a try. In 3 months my business account went from 14k views to 115k views. Wow just wow. You don’t even need to insert times for schedule , Pinterest allocates that time for you based on when your followers are like to be online and engaging. Once you have a Tailwind account it will allow you to pin from any website, blog or social media account. It’s pretty awesome I’ve got to say and I’m hooked. Next stop is 1 million and I reckon I can hit it in under 6 months.

I’ve kept this pretty simple and I hope you find these 3 apps useful. Of course there are a ton of other apps that will do similar things so it’s up to you to go and explore them. Enjoy x

the best apps for social media scheduling
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