Why we're starting our 2019 with Norway

Welcome to my blog you curious people. So you’re probably here because I intrigued you with the news that we will be starting our travel year with a cold country instead. Our original plan was to start our travel year with New Horizon Escapes in Kenya, however, we live very dynamic lives and we have to always explore new locations for the business.

So today we are flying to…. Norway :)

The reason we’re going to Norway is so that we can explore our very first winter destination for New Horizon Escapes. After meeting a guest from Norway on our last Thailand escape, we kind of toyed with the idea of potentially swinging via there to see what could be done. So we decided to just go for it and do it now. We won’t be able to explore Norway in the winter due to travelling for the entire 2019 (i know, it’s a hard life)…

After connecting with a few resorts which have happily agreed to host us for free (i know i know perks of the job), we have finally booked flights and are on our way there. We are totally underprepared for this trip when it comes to winter clothing. We couldn’t quite make the commitment and buy winter clothes just yet as we decided to leave it until the day we have to go there and host our winter escape, which will probably happen early 2020.

So now that the secret is out, I hope you love to watch my stories. As usual most of the action happens on New Horizon Escapes IG account, so tune in on there. If you’re reading this post quite late, I’ll try to remember to link the IG story highlights on this blog. Must remember…

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