Why I'm taking a step back from My Mantra Active

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First of all happy new year you sexy beasts, I hope you’ve set all of your intentions for the year and will be smashing them all. I guess you’re all here because you want to know why I’m taking a step back from one of my brands My Mantra Active this year.

It’s all been a little overwhelming this year…

Over the last 2 years of running 2 businesses, living on the road + having a little addition to our crew (Baby Malia), things have started to feel a little overwhelming. More time was being spent on New Horizon Escapes and just trying to float while the madness ends, but… The madness didn’t end and that crazy tornado is only about to get a notch crazier.

I spent most of my 2018 running escapes and on airplanes…

During 2018 I’ve spent most of my time running escapes, on airplanes, travelling in between locations, taking care of a baby and briefly doing bits for My Mantra Active. The business received very little love from me during the last 12 months and while I didn’t totally neglect it definitely made me realise that I need to shift my focus and pay attention more to the business that’s currently filling up most of my time.

I’ve been neglecting my passion…

I’ve also been meaning to do something I’m extremely passionate about and share my journey/knowledge/things I learn along the way. This blog was meant to be up and running about 6 months ago. So going forward into 2018 I will be putting things on auto pilot for My Mantra Active and just focus on the big tasks. I’ll be training someone else to take over from me while I focus on the big tasks and overseeing the business. I’d also like to take the opportunity and take a break while I find new inspiration for the future.

It’s time to refocus and work on my priorities again…

So going into 2019 I’ll be spending more time living and exploring with New Horizon Escapes, more time updating things on here, and less time in front of a computer (IDEALLY). Thank you for checking in today and thank you for joining us on our travels around the world.

Koh Tao fitness escape with New Horizon Escapes

Koh Tao fitness escape with New Horizon Escapes

Active holiday in Thailand - Koh Tao island - with New Horizon Escapes

Active holiday in Thailand - Koh Tao island - with New Horizon Escapes

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