5 Reasons Why Working For Yourself Isn't That Glam

People always share the amount of money they make, or how amazing working for yourself is. As much as I love seeing positive content out there I still don't think there's enough honest content that talks about the struggles of their business. So today instead of talking about how amazing it is working for yourself (which i truely agree with) I'll share a few interesting facts from my personal experience that makes working for yourself somewhat not that easy or glam. So here are a few true facts. To make things sampler I'll relate this blog to My Mantra Active (my first business ever) which launched 3 years ago.

1 - GIVING UP - I think of throwing in the towel roughly once every month or 2. This is absolutely normal when owning a business. Business is not all rainbows and butterflies. It doesn't mean that you'll be showering in money and splashing the cash. Business is all about problem solving, money saving and other fun things ;)
2 - NOT EARNING A WAGE - I don't actually pay myself a wage. In the first year of business I did. The business took off better than I expected. I made a mistake of spending money when I had it, instead of just reinvesting it. It's year 3 of business and for the last 1.5 years I've reinvested everything I earned + added some of my own funds to keep it going. Yes it's not simple or easy. Expect the unexpected and always have a side job that'll keep you going for a bit until your business is stable.
3 - NOT BEING VERY ACTIVE - It takes a lot of sitting down in front of my computer to move the business forward. I'm a very creative person and unfortunately computers don't feed my creativity but equally, it just has to be done. I become very stale and stressed if I don't move. So I usually try to balance things out with loads of outdoor activities. Luckily I have New Horizon Escapes to take care of that 😉
4 - FEELING STUCK - I work alone mostly and can get into my own head at times. Because I don't have a work colleague to bounce ideas around with it means that quite often I don't move forward. Every so often, when I feel a little stuck/stressed I'll talk to Adam and ask him for his opinion. That usually shifts things a little and helps me move forward.

5- FEELING LONELY - This isn't an issues as much for me as it is for other business owners out there. I have Adam to talk to about business which is really helpful. When working solo, it can become very lonely at times. Companionship is really important, so it always helps to go out and socialise with like minded people. 

I'll keep it simple and leave it at these 5 points. I'll write more about fun business facts another time. I hope this doesn't put you off working on your projects but instead it helps you go into business a little more open minded and prepared for the hard work ahead :) I believe in following your dreams/passions, so don't let anything or anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams. Work hard, be open minded, stay positive and help others in any way you can. 

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