How I Can Afford To Travel The World

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I'm pretty sure most of you know what I do for a living, but if you're still in doubt I own 2 businesses. One of which is able to fund our travels. This piece of information is actually not quite correct. The reason we are able to travel is not because we make a lot of money but because our job involves us travelling. If we couldn't travel in between locations with New Horizon Escapes we simply wouldn't have a business. So yes, New Horizon Escapes is the main reason we travel and see the world. 

Do I make money from my 2nd brand My Mantra Active? YES & NO. It makes money but I reinvest everything back in the business meaning I don't use any money to support myself. In business quite often, it's pretty normal not to touch your finances in the first 3 years of business. So this is why I let My Mantra Active just do it's thing and grow without the financial stresses. We aren't quite able to do the same with New Horizon simple because we wouldn't be able to eat if we had to reinvest everything back into the business. 

The money we make is all relevant to business expenses. We travel to scout new locations, we stay in different accommodations, we have to explore different activities meaning that it's all a  business expense. On top of that, we need some extra money to eat and spend on general living. So thanks to New Horizon, we can travel the world, have really cool jobs, live our dreams, and invite others to join in on all the fun and adventure. 

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