How To Make Thoughts Come To Life

it all starts with one thought

Everything starts with one thought. This blog started with the thought that I want to BLOG my thoughts daily, that pair of jeans you purchased earlier started with the thought that you needed a pair of new jeans, or the gym you joined started with the thought that you want to get fit in 2018. Your thoughts are your reality. So how you think will determine who you become. 

The phone that you're currently using, has started as a thought, in someone's mind, before it became a phone. It was someone's dream to create it as a product and take it to market. The pair of active leggings that you're wearing, have started as a thought before they got created into that beautiful print and cut. The vegetables that you're eating started out as a thought before then they grew into a farm and ended up on your table.

So next time you do something, just think that your thoughts could become things. It's up to you to make them come to life. So perhaps next time you have an idea, don't just dismiss it, but see how you can realise it. So did you want to start learning kickboxing? You need to make it into real action, go online, find a local kick boxing gym and go down for a trial session to see if you like the gym and the instructors. Do you want to start a project? Go online and research how to get it done.

The information we have online nowadays is so readily available that it would be so silly not to use it to your advantage. So next time you have a thought, what will you do put it into action? Will you be the next Bill Gates, or Elon Musk, or Richard Brandson? It's up to your thoughts and the actions you take. Actions always will equal a result, even if the result is not the one you've gone out to achieve, it's still a result. So go out there, and make those thoughts come alive :)

how to make thoughts come alive
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