How To Make Money On Instagram

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So you're probably scrolling endlessly on your Instagram feed until your thumb gets numb, just kind of wasting time, and not getting rewarded for it. What if I told you that you could definitely make money on Instagram? To be honest, I am not going to make a massive revelation and you probably already know the answers to this but I'll tell you my experience in a short blog post.

So you have your businesses and you have your influencers. As an influencer you can get into a niche, start growing your account and then eventually start charging businesses for your service. Did you know that you don't need to have a massive amount of followers anymore to be able to work with brands? Brands nowadays prefer the micro influencers because they have a smaller, tighter and more dedicated audience that they interact daily with. So before you think you need a few hundred (k) to make money on Instagram, you can put your few thousand followers to good use. As long as you've got a niche and not posting random pics of your cat (unless your niche is cats of course duhhh ;)

The second option is my favourite because this is where I make a living. Find something you're passionate about and turn it into a business, then promote your product on Instagram. I first launched My Mantra Active 3 years ago mainly through Instagram. I had no traffic, or people that knew about me other than my few hundred followers which slowly grew into tens of thousands over the years. The same goes for New Horizon Escapes - we launched our business and worked really hard with Instagram to get our content out there in people's eyes. 

So, stop and think. What are your passions/hobbies/abilities? Do you like doing make up/ hair styling/fashion? Do you like pancakes? You could make an account about pancakes you make every day. Do you want to start a small business on Etsy and cross promote it on Instagram? The options are endless, you just have to really really want it and you'll figure it all out. I have no business background or experience in marketing. I'm just a simple girl that didn't even get to finish school. But what I have going in my favour is creativity and the hunger to always learn new things. So go Google the hell out of your questions, there's an answer for everything...

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