How we choose locations for New Horizon Escapes

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Hi you beautiful humans, hope you’re all smashing life and being super awesome. So today I’m going to talk very quickly about how we choose locations for New Horizon Escapes. To be honest, I haven’t really given this much thought until today, so I’m happy to write about it and share it with you all. Here we go.

Trending locations

1 - We normally look at trending locations. So some of our trending locations for example would be Sri Lanka, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica. By trendy locations I mean, what’s hot today. Not yesterday and not tomorrow, but right now. That’s not to say we always use trending locations because we don't, which takes me to the next point.

Unique locations

2 - Other than trending locations we also go for unique locations. Yes for example some of those would be Philippines, Norway and Kenya. This is definitely a category we like to explore and always make sure we have on the list of escapes for those who wish to get off the grid and go off to places others don’t really go to.

We generally travel a lot and like exploring which opens up the world to us.

3 - We also travel quite a lot in general, so this opens up a ton of opportunities for us worldwide. Nowadays we use our holidays as an opportunity to go and explore new locations.

We look for good resorts to partner up with

4 - We always research for good hotels/resorts/villas to partner up with, so that’s very important when it comes to finalising a location. Having a good management team in place is very very important as this will pretty much dictate the relationship we will have in the future. It can take us quite a few months to find the right resort and sometimes. even when we’ve run a few escapes from a resort we are always still looking for plan B, just in case one day plan A is not good any more.

We look for countries that have good food culture

5 - The food culture of a country is pretty important too. Like for example in the Philippines food is known to be very very unhealthy. So for a while we never really considered it until we found a small island that has a surfy vibe, has cool western cafes/hotels and serves good coffee. SOLD.

Great outdoor activities is a must too.

6 - Having loads of cool activities to do, this is what will dictate the vibe of an escape. Like for example one of our Thailand locations has loads of adrenaline adventures which makes it more suitable for young and adventurous people. A place like Kenya is a little slower and has some incredible once in a life time kind of activities, which tends to attract a slightly more grown up crowd.

Being close to an area that has restaurants/cafes/shops/massage parlours etc.

7 - We always make sure to be around areas that have cafes/resturants/gyms/night life. We would never book a resort far away from everything, except Maldives, where you errrrrr kinda don’t have a choice but to be stranded on your own island.

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Price matters.

8 - We have to choose a location based on price. One of the best examples was when we announced we were going to Hawaii, after a ton of research, it became apparent that we would have to charge £5000 per person, not including flights to run an escape there. That’s not what we’re about, as we like to provide value to people and make sure they want to come back.

Politics of the country.

9 - The overall politics of the country matter. We try to go to peaceful places where our guests feel safe.

I can’t really think of any other points to be honest but if you have a question, feel free to comment below and I’ll be happy to reply :)

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