How To Become Successful At Everything You Do?

Being successful at something, just means simply starting. So you may have an idea, or a goal in mind but something keeps putting you off and delaying you from getting there. So what is the secret to success? It's simply to keep trying and keep going. Every day is a challenge & overcoming those will bring you a little closer & closer to you succeeding. 

So don't overthink success. You may look at someone & think "oh wow they are so successful", but you really don't know how many hours they are putting in, or how many times they cried out of frustrations, or how many times they almost gave up. Success doesn't have to be measured by just reaping off benefits. Sometimes success comes in the form of a failure to prepare you for success later on.

So how do you really become successful? First of all, just start. If you don't start something, you won't be successful. Secondly, you have to work really hard, be committed, keep going, get up & show up even on those days when you feel like crawling in a ball and crying. I've had all types of days, days where I jumped up & down of happiness, and days where Adam had to literally calm me down because I was in crisis. 

It's wether you get back up & continue to go forward, it's wether you're ready to look failures in the eyes and recognise their importance, it's wether you'll go through anything to get to the other side, it's wether you're prepared to literally have anything thrown at you, it's wether you're fearless & ok with constant challenges. That's what leads to success. 

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