How To Find The Motivation To Just Start

I think that "Motivation" & "Drive" are the key things behind simply wanting to start something. It's not the fact that you have no knowledge or skill, it's simply because there's just no drive behind what you're trying to do. So how do you find this thing so called MOTIVATION? Should you be chasing it? Hunting it down? Or will it come to you naturally one day?

I'd say it's a bit of both. Motivation & Drive come with a clear goal in mind. So let's say you really want to loose weight but you're not quite keen on the idea of waking up early enough to go to the gym before work. The same goes with after work, you're just too tired and can't really be bothered. Netflix & couch sounds way more exciting then spinning that bike for 30min & sweating it out. 

So if motivation is low, drive is even lower, how can you work on building it? You have to start focusing on other things then. Think about it from a muscle perspective. In order to train it to respond, you have to train it over a period of time right? So if you want to get faster & stronger, you have to train over a period of time and that comes with what? COMMITMENT - You're absolutely right. 

So if you have no DRIVE or MOTIVATION, you have to work on committing to whatever it is that you're trying to achieve. So how do you commit? Think about all the benefits that could happen from committing to something? Example - You want to have a side income, but you're not really driven to make it happen. So you should start thinking about how much money you could potentially earn - £500 - £1000? What would you be spending that money on? How will that money make you feel? What positives will money bring & so on. 

Basically you should try & foresee the future in your mind. The same goes with weight loss. You can't commit because you haven't seen yourself there yet. You have no idea how amazing your life could be. What if I told you that if you commit to a gym routine & a healthier diet, you will lose 2 stones, your skin will be glowing, you'll be bouncing around with lots of positive energy, everyone will want to be your friend, you'll find prince charming, you'll start a small business and then you'll quit your job because you'll be making enough money?

Well now you're listening. So where should you start? Start by visualising yourself being there already, start by making small changes daily & working towards your COMMITMENT to whatever goal you have. Start showing the Universe that you are serious about your goal & that you deserve to have it. Start seeing all the positives the future could bring you & guess what, it will really happen, because that's just the nature of the Universe. 


BusinessIna Plesca