10 business ideas I wish I could pursue right now

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It's almost 12am, and this is the only time I get to do a little bit of uninterrupted work, while the little one is fast asleep. I'm probably going to fail sweetly at coming up with 10 business ideas at this time of the night, but I'm sure I'll be able to dig deep enough and share with you all my 20 ideas of businesses I wish I could pursue right now.  

So here we go. 

1 - A healthy cafe - this passion has been burning for quite a while now. Travelling around the world has taken me to some of the most incredible cafes and the desire to one day have my own has been burning for a pretty long time. I am 100% sure that this dream will one day become true and it's only a matter of time before I get there.

2 - A fitness studio - fitness is a big passion of mine and I love bringing people together for a good old sweat. Of course the studio would have a cafe attached to it, because who doesn't love a healthy smoothie post workout hey? 

3 - A wellness resort - well this is kind of in the process already and once again, it's only a matter of time before we own our wellness resort. We currently use small boutique hotels and villas for New Horizon Escapes, but I'm pretty sure that one day we will wake up in our own beautiful & ECO friendly resort.

4 - A shop that sells household goods inspired by the tropics - I'm obsessed with travel and the tropics. The idea of one day owning a small and local shop with house hold goodies from around the world really appeals to me. I would probably own a healthy cafe, that has a cool fitness studio upstairs and a little shop attached to the side. It's my ultimate dream.

5 - A knitted jumper brand - Every time I come home from travelling it's always at Christmas time. I love getting all cosy and warm in a chunky knitted jumper. This is why I'd love to have a business that designs cool and unique chunky knits.

6 - A smoothie bowl shack - this one is once again inspired by the tropical life and the constant need to feel cool and hydrated. I'd love to be able to open up a cute beach shack that sells epic smoothie bowls made from all the local and fresh tropical fruit.

7 - 100% organic cotton adventure baby clothes - this one comes from a more personal place. Ever since having my baby girl Malia, I've been bombarded with pink "i'm a princess type clothing". I wish I could create a brand for girls that empowers them to explore and be like boys.

8 - Epic + unique jewellery - I looove big, chunky and unique pieces. If I had the time and finances, this would definitely be at the top of my list.

9 - Life coaching - I am kind of doing this on a small scale already through personal training but wish I could make it into something bigger. Who knows perhaps time will allow this to happen naturally.

10 - A natural beauty products shop - I'm all about natural products that don't harm us the humans or the environment. I wish I could bring together on one platform, small business owners that create their own natural products.

So here are only 10 business ideas I wish I could pursue today. Guys, these 10 ideas are something I will definitely be pursuing over the next few years to come.

What ideas do you have? Comment below, would love to hear them :)

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