Making a dream reality - New Horizon Escapes part 1

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fitness on Koh Tao


REFLECTING ON LIFE - (The photo above with Adam in the sea, was edited and posted on my personal Instagram account way before New horizon's existence. This photo allowed me to dream, to tell the Universe my plans, to show I was ready for a new adventure). New Horizon came to us after about a year and here's the short story.

Roughly this time of the year, 4 years ago we made the decision to make a bold move and start a new life in Thailand. We packed our lives in 2 suitcases and went on this long ass roller coaster of a journey ever since. 

While on the island, I started to get really bored. We had full time jobs at a gym but that wasn't enough to keep us entertained. So we decided to introduce fitness classes in the gym. We were running some classes on the beach of our tropical island Koh Tao but most of them we used to run from inside the gym. Everyone on the island knew about us and would come to a few classes a week - it had never been done before, so it was a breath of fresh air for them. 

Fitness retreats on Koh Tao, Fitness retreat in Thailand

While doing this we were gaining experience dealing with large groups, learning how to market our services, how to use social media etc - this was essentially preparing us for the bigger picture.

 Then I started to day dream about the possibility of running our very own fitness retreats on the island. I remember I took my dream very seriously. I was telling the Universe I wanted in, by going out and about enquiring how much hotels would charge for large groups of people etc.

After 9 months on the island we decided it was time to move on and went to live in Australia. Australia was beautiful but we didn't last very long there because my selfish brother decided to get married (I know right? Not cool to drag us back to the UK all the way from Oz land). We left Oz behind and moved to London once again. It made no sense to us to go back to Australia because of the type of visa we had, but we made a promise to go back as a family one day and a camper van, and tour half of the country one day.

Back in London, Adam got a PT job at Third Space, while I was driving My Mantra Active forward. When it came to evenings, I would work hard on my growing my business, while Adam was getting bored. Then we remembered that island dream we once had - FITNESS RETREATS IN PARADISE🌴🌴🌴 The game was ON. We wanted to live life on our own terms.

In just under 2 months we had a website and we were almost ready to launch. We were scratching our heads for business names until Adam remembered this blog he once wrote on a plane. He called his blog New Horizons - bulb moment 💡We had a name for it @newhorizonescapes.
OK we had a logo, name and website. We decided to use Koh Tao (our old home) as our very first location of the retreat. It made sense, we knew the island and most businesses, so we found a villa pretty quickly and got on to organising. Read part 2 in the next BLOG :)

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